Executive Leadership Seminars

Introducing You to You. Great leaders know themselves!

This is an experiential day of rigorous learning combining numerous theater skills to create a finished production by the end of the day. The stakes are high, the time is short, and everyone is in over their heads with information. Participants are motivated and inspired to cross borders of self-limitations and interact with others. This is an unforgettable day of self- discovery and visualizing ones potential.

We take you where you least expect to go: to the world of the artist.
Listen, react, vocalize, observe and share in an inspirational experience.
Leadership seminars address these competencies: empathy, creativity, self-awareness, transparency, confidence, self-imposed limitations, fear management, risk-taking and personal statement.
Inspire yourself, inspire the business.

Target Group: executives and senior management

São Paulo

Out of the box learning to put us in a different environment is very important.

I love it. Another point of insights in leadership and collaboration.

Has helped a lot to build trust.


Excellent. She made me do things I have never liked to do and am terrible at. In the end I wanted to do more.

Effective to stretch, to bring me out of my comfort zone.

Never thought that this was possible. Leading + Following.


Very helpful feedback. Highly professional.

A very different spin and hugely valuable lessons on myself and teamwork.

Kim Moke.

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+49 173 354 3968